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Hours of Operation
Mon-Thur: 11am - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 11am - 10:30pm
Sunday: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

A01. Spring Roll (1) (Shrimp or Vegetable) 1.39
A02. Fried Wonton (6) 3.59
A03. Fried Donut (10) 3.59
A04. Fried Chicken Wing (6) 5.59
A05. Crab Rangoon (6) 5.59
A06. Meat Dumplings (6) (Fried or Steamed) 6.29
A07. Shrimp Toast (4) 6.29
A08 Coconut Shrimp (10) 6.29
A09. Chicken Teriyaki (4) 6.29
A10. Beef Teriyaki (4) 6.59
A11. Shumai (6) (Shrimp ravioli) 5.29
A12. Gyoza (6) (Fried or Steamed) ....(Japanese chicken dumplings) 5.29
A13. Pu Pu Platter (For 1) (Spring Roll, crab rangoon, chicken teriyaki, chicken wing, fried wonton,coconut shrimp) 7.29
A14. Scallion Pancakes (6) 5.79
A15. Sparib (4) 7.29

Soup Sm. Lg
S01. Wonton Soup 1.99 3.29
S02. Egg Drop Soup 1.99 3.29
S03. Hot & Sour SoupHot! 1.99 3.29
S04. Miso Soup 1.99 3.29
S05. Chicken & Corn Soup 2.79 4.99
S06. Vegetable Soup 2.79 4.99
S07. Chicken Noodle Soup 5.99
S08. Seafood Soup 6.99
S09. House Special Soup 6.99
S10. Chicken Coconut Soup 4.29 6.99
S11. Tom Yun Goong Thai Hot & Sour Soup Hot! 4.29 6.99

Pork (w. White Rice) Sm. Lg.
With Fried Rice or Brow Rice (Add $1)
P01. Pork w. Broccoli 6.99 10.29
P02. Pork w. Garlic Sauce Hot! 6.99 10.29
P03. Mongolian Pork 6.99 10.29
P04. Hunan Pork Hot! 6.99 10.29
P05. Double Cooked PorkHot! 6.99 10.29
P06. Pork w. Mixed Vegetable 6.99 10.29
P07. Sweet & Sour Pork 6.99 10.29
P08. Moo Shu Pork (w. 4 Pancakes) 10.29
P09. Thai Basil Pork Hot! 7.99 10.99
P10. Thai Lemongrass Pork 7.99 10.99
P11. Thai Curry Pork Hot!(Choice Red, Green, Massman) 11.99
P12. Thai Garlic Pork 11.99
P13. Thai Cashew Pork 11.99
P14. Thai Mango Pork 11.99
P15. Pork w. String Beans 6.99 10.29
Chicken (w. White Rice) Sm. Lg.
With Fried Rice or Brow Rice (Add $1)
C01. Chicken w. Broccoli 6.99 10.29
C02. Hunan Chicken Hot! 6.99 10.29
C03. Chicken in Garlic SauceHot! 6.99 10.29
C04. Chicken with Mixed Vegetable 6.99 10.29
C05. Moo Goo Gai Pan 6.99 10.29
C06. Kung Po Chicken Hot! 6.99 10.29
C07. Sha Cha Chicken Hot! 6.99 10.29
C08. Sweet & Sour Chicken 6.99 10.29
C09. Chicken in Black Bean SauceHot! 6.99 10.29
C10. Curry Chicken Hot! 6.99 10.29
C11. Chicken w. Cashew Nut 6.99 10.29
C12. Chicken Szechuan Hot! 6.99 10.29
C13. Mongolian Chicken 6.99 10.29
C14. Moo Shu Chicken (w. 4 Pancakes) 10.29
C15. Lemon Chicken 10.99
C16. Thai Basil Chicken Hot! 7.99 10.99
C17. Thai Lemongrass Chicken 7.99 10.99
C18. Thai Curry Chicken Hot!(Choice Red, Green, Massman) 11.99
C19. Thai Garlic Chicken 11.99
C20. Thai Cashew Chicken 11.99
C21. Thai Mango Chicken 11.99
C22. Chicken with String Bean 6.99 10.29
C23. Chicken with Asparagus 7.99 11.99
Beef (w. White Rice) Sm. Lg.
With Fried Rice or Brow Rice (Add $1)
B01. Beef w. Broccoli 7.99 11.29
B02. Hunan Beef Hot! 7.99 11.29
B03. Pepper Steak 7.99 11.29
B04. Beef w. Mixed Vegetable 7.99 11.29
B05. Mongolian Beef 7.99 11.29
B06. Beef in Garlic Sauce Hot! 7.99 11.29
B07. Beef in Black Bean SauceHot! 7.99 11.29
B08. Sha Cha Beef Hot! 7.99 11.29
B09. Kung Po Beef Hot! 7.99 11.29
B10 Beef Szechuan Style Hot! 7.99 11.29
B11. Moo Shu Beef (w. 4 Pancakes) 11.29
B12. Thai Basil Beef Hot! 8.29 12.29
B13. Thai Lemongrass Beef 8.29 12.29
B14. Thai Curry Beef Hot!(Choice Red, Green, Massman) 13.29
B15. Thai Garlic Beef 13.29
B16. Thai Cashew Beef 13.29
B17. Thai Mango Beef 13.29
B18. Beef w. String Bean 7.99 11.29
B19. Beef w. Asparagus 8.29 13.29
Seafood (W. White Rice) Sm. Lg.
With Fried Rice Or Brown Rice Add $1.00
SF01. Shrimp w. Broccoli 7.99 12.29
SF02. Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce 7.79 7.99 12.29
SF03. Hunan ShrimpHot! 7.99 12.29
SF04. Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable 7.99 12.29
SF05. Kung Po Shrimp Hot! 7.99 12.29
SF06. Jumbo Shrimp w. Garlic SauceHot! 7.99 12.29
SF07. Shrimp w. Black Bean Sauce Hot! 7.99 12.29
SF08. Szechuan Shrimp Hot! 7.99 12.29
SF09 Sweet & Sour Shrimp 7.99 12.29
SF10. Scallop w. Broccoli 12.99
SF11. Scallop w. Mix Vegetable 12.99
SF12. Fish Filet in Black Bean Sauce Hot! 12.99
SF13. Fish Filet in Garlic Sauce Hot! 12.99
SF14. Fish Filet w. Mix Vegetable 12.99
SF15. Thai Basil Shrimp Hot! 8.99 12.99
SF16. Thai Lemongrass Shrimp 8.99 12.99
SF17. Thai Curry Shrimp Hot!(Choice Red, Green, Massman) 13.99
SF18. Thai Garlic Shrimp 13.99
SF19. Thai Cashew Shrimp 13.99
SF20. Thai Mango Shrimp 13.99
SF21. Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts 7.99 12.29
SF22. Shrimp w. Strings Bean 7.99 12.29
SF23. Shrimp w. Asparagus 8.99 12.99

Vegetables (w. White Rice) Sm. Lg.
With Fried Rice Or Brown Rice Add $1.00
V01. Broccoli in Garlic Sauce Hot! 6.99 9.49
V02. Sauteed Broccoli 6.99 9.49
V03. Vegetable Delight 6.99 9.49
V04. String Bean in Garlic Sauce Hot! 6.99 9.49
V05. Stir Fry Mushroom 6.99 9.49
V06. Bean Curd Home Style 6.99 9.49
V07. General Tso’s Bean Curd Hot! 6.99 9.49
V08. Bean Curd in Garlic Sauce Hot! 6.99 9.49
V09. Kung Pao Bean Curd Hot! 6.99 9.49
V10. Szechuan String Bean Hot! 6.99 9.49
V11. Thai Curry Vegetable Hot! (Choice of Red, Green, Massaman 10.49
V12. Asparagus w. Garlic Sauce Hot! 8.29 10.99
V13. Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce Hot! 7.29 10.49
V14. Moo Shi Vegetable (w. 4 Pancakes) 10.49
V15. Bean Curd in Szechuan Style Hot! 6.99 9.49

Chow Mein/Fried Rice / Noodles Sm. Lg.
Chow Mein
(Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetable
6.99 8.99
Fried Rice
(Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetables
6.99 7.99
House Special Fried Rice 6.99 8.99
Lo Mein
(Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetables
6.99 8.99
Thai Rice NoodleHot! 10.49
Thai Coconut Fried Rice 10.49
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice 10.49
Thai Basil Fried RiceHot!
(Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetables)
Pad ThaiHot!
(Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetables)
House Special Chow Mein 6.99 8.99
House Special Lo Mein 6.99 8.99
Rice Noodle
(Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetables)
6.99 8.99
Singapore Rice NoodleHot! 9.99
Ho Fun
(Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetables)
House Special Ho Fun 11.49
Thai Basil Ho Fun Hot!
(Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetables)
(Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetables)

With Fried Rice Or Brown Rice Add $1.00
SP01. General Tso’s Chicken Hot!
Hot! Crispy chunk of boneless chicken sauteed with chef’s special sauce
SP02. Sesame Chicken
Crispy chunk of boneless chicken sauteed with special brown, sesame sauce
SP03 Orange Flavored Chicken Hot!
Crispy chunks of chicken sauteed with hot pepper and orange peels in a delicious special sauce
SP04. Black Pepper Chicken Hot!
Diced chicken w. green pepper in jalapeno sauce
SP05. Sesame Beef
Crispy chunks of boneless beef sauteed with special brown, sesame sauce
SP06. Orange Flavored Beef Hot!
Crispy chunks of beef sauteed with hot pepper and orange peels in a delicious special sauce
SP07. General Tso’s Shrimp Hot!
Hot! Jumbo shrimp deep fried then sauteed in chef’s special sauce
SP08. Salt & Pepper Shrimp Hot!
Jumbo shrimp lightly battered fried to golden brown, then dry sauce
SP09. Triple Delight
Jumbo shrimp, tender beef, white meat chicken, sauteed with garden vegetables in chef’s special sauce
SP10. Beef and Scallop
Tender beef and fresh sea scallops with vegetable in a special sauce
SP11. Shrimp & Scallop in Garlic SauceHot!
Jumbo shrimp, fresh sea scallop and vegetable in spicy garlic sauce
SP12. Seafood Combination
Jumbo shrimp, fresh scallops, crabmeat and vegetable in white sauce
SP13. Happy Family
w / Scallops, crabmeat, shrimp, beef, chicken, roast pork & vegetables in chef’s special brown sauce
SP14. Crispy Beef Szechuan Proper Hot!
Sliced beef properly fried to crispy and sauteed in chef’s special sauce
SP15. Crispy Chicken Szechuan Proper Hot!
Sliced chicken properly fried to crispy and sauteed in chef’s special sauce
SP16. Sweet & Sour Combo
Shrimp, chicken and pork all in one
SP17. Shrimp With Walnuts
Jumbo shrimp with sweet walnuts in special sauce
SP18. Salt & Pepper Soft Shell CrabHot! 17.49
SP19. CRISPY Shrimp Szechuan Proper Hot!
Crispy Baby Shrimp Sauteed in Chef’s Special Sauce
SP20. Triple Delight Pan Fried Noodle 14.99
SP21. Seafood Pan Fried Noodle

SP22. House Special Stir Fry Hot!
Shrimp, Beef, Chicken & assorted vegetable with Chefs amazing sauce.

Party Menu for Catering/Delivery

Menu A
9.49 per Person

Menu B
10.49 per Person

Menu C
8.49 per Person
Spring Roll Spring Roll Spring Roll
Fried Crab Rangoon Fried Crab Rangoon Chicken w/ Broccoli
Beef w/ Mixed Vegetables Sweet & Sour Chicken Combo Lo Mein
General Tso’s Chicken Beef with Mix Vegetables Combo Fried Rice
Pork Fried Rice General Tso’s Chicken
Pork Fried Rice
Vegetable Lo Mein


(Served with Fried Rice or White Rice & Spring Roll) with brown rice Add $1.00
L1. General Tso’s Chicken Hot! 6.99
L2. Sesame Chicken 6.99
L3. Chicken w. Broccoli 6.79
L4. Hunan Chicken Hot! 6.79
L5. Chicken w. Mix Vegetable 6.79
L6. Kung Pao Chicken Hot! 6.79
L7. Moo Goo Gai Pan 6.79
L8. Chicken in Garlic Sauce Hot! 6.79
L9. Sweet & Sour Chicken 6.79
L10. Beef w. Broccoli 6.99
L11. Pepper Steak 6.99
L12. Hunan Beef Hot! 6.99
L13. Beef w. Mix Vegetable 6.99
L14. Kung Po Beef Hot! 6.99
L15. Beef in Garlic Sauce Hot! 6.99
L16. Pork w. Broccoli 6.79
L17. Pork w. Mix Vegetable 6.79
L18. Hunan Pork Hot! 6.79
L19. Shrimp w. Broccoli 7.99
L20. Hunan Shrimp Hot! 7.99
L21. Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable 7.99
L22. Kung Po Shrimp Hot! 7.99
L23. Vegetable Delight 6.79
L24. Triple Delight 7.99
L25. Stir Fry String Bean 6.79
L26. Fried Rice (Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Veg) 6.79
L27. Lo Mein (Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Veg) 6.79
L28 Shrimp in Garlic Sauce Hot! 7.99
Thai Lunch Specials
Choice of: Chicken or Pork 8.29
Choice of: Beef or Shrimp 9.29
Choice of: Vegetable 7.99
L29. Massman Curry
L30. Red Curry Hot!
L31. Green Crurry Hot!
L32. Thai Basil Hot!
L33. Thai Lemongrass
L34. Thai Garlic
L35. Thai Cashew
L36. Thai Mango

Sushi Amazing Lunch Special
(11am-3pm) (Served with Miso Soup or Salad)
A. Tuna Maki, Salmon Maki * 8.49
B. Tuna Maki, California Maki * 8.49
C. 2 California Maki (No Roe) 8.49
D. California Maki, Spicy Tuna Maki * 8.49
E. California Maki, Alaska Maki * 8.49
F. California Maki, Una-Avo Maki* 8.49
G. Spicy Tuna Maki, Alaska Maki * 8.49
H. Spicy Tuna Maki, Spicy Salmon Maki * 9.29
I. Cucumber Maki, Avocado Maki 7.29
J. Nigiri Lunch 5 piece Nigiri with California Maki * 10.99
K. Sashimi Lunch 9 Piece Sashimi with Sushi Rice * 11.49
*Substitutions may vary the price
*Raw Fish *This items may contain raw or undercooked ingredients
Consuming Raw food increases the ‘possibility’ of food borne illnesses.

JA01. Green Salad 2.79
JA02. Nigiri Appetizers *(5) piece fun fish on rice 7.59
JA03. Sashimi Appetizers *(7) piece Sashimi fish 8.59
JA04. Naruto *Crab stick, tobikko, avocado 6.29
JA05. Edamame Boiled green peas with light salt 4.29
JA06. Seafood Salad 5.99
JA07. Seaweed Salad in light vinegar sauce 5.99
JA08. Avocado Salad 5.99
JA09. Kani Salad *Crab Meat, Cucumber & Tobiko 5.99

MAKIMONO (Rolled Sushi)
JS01. Kappa Maki Cucumber 3.99
JS02. Avocado Maki 3.99
JS03 Oshinko Maki 3.99
JS04. White Tuna Maki * Escolar 4.99
JS05. Spicy Salmon Maki * 5.29
JS06 Asparagus Maki Asparagus 4.29
JS07. Kanikama Maki Crab stick 4.29
JS08 Tekka Maki* Tuna 4.99
JS09. Sake Maki* Salmon 4.99
JS10. Negi-Hama Maki * Yellowtail with scallion 5.79
JS11. Saba Maki Mackerel, pickled, ginger, scallion & cucumber 4.29
JS12 Idaho Maki Fried Sweet Potato 4.29
JS13. California Maki * Crab stick, cucumber, avocado, tobikko 5.29
JS14. California Maki No Tobikko 4.29
JS15. Philadelphia * Smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese 5.99
JS16. Alaskan Maki Salmon, avocado * 5.29
JS17. Spicy Tuna Maki* Tuna, cucumber, spicy mayo sauce 5.99
JS18. Crazy Spicy Tuna Maki * Tuna spicy mayo rolled with tempura powder 6.99
JS19. Salmon Skin Maki Baked salmon skin, cucumber, scallion 4.99
JS20. Una-Kyu Maki Eel with cucumber 5.99
JS21. Una-Avo Maki Eel with Avocado 5.99
JS22. Shrimp Tempura Maki * Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, flying fish egg, spicy mayo sauce 7.29
JS23 Rising Sun Maki (Fried salmon tempura ) 7.29
JS24. Spider Maki *Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, flying fish egg, eel sauce 10.99
JS25 Futo Maki Assorted Japanese pickles, egg omelet, crab stick, cucumber 5.99
JS26. Caterpillar Maki* Eel roll, cucumber, tobikko, wrapped with avocado 8.49
JS27 Gold Fish Maki * Eel, cucumber, tobikko, shrimp, salmon 9.49
JS28 B2 Maki Baked yellowtail, scallion, mushroom, asparagus 9.49
JS29 Rainbow Maki *Crab stick, cucumber, avocado, wrapped w. assorted fish sashimi 10.49
JS30. Chopstick Maki Baked, Assorted fish tempura 8.49
JS31. Fireball Baked Salmon, lettuce, scallion special sauce 8.49
JS32. Boston Maki lettuce, mayo, shrimp, avocado 8.49
JS33. Dragon Maki * Shrimp Tempura, Eel, avocado, tobikko 10.49
JS34. Sun Rise Maki * California maki w. spicy tuna on the top 12.49
JS35. Spicy Yellowtail Maki * 5.99
JS36. San Fransico Roll Shrimp and Avocado on a California Roll 9.49
JS37. Godzilla Roll Deep fried spicy tuna & avocado topped w. eel sauce & scallions 9.49
JS38. Volcano Roll * Spicy tuna crunchy, topped w. avocado 9.49
JS39. New York * Roll Spicy yellowtail & crunchy, topped w. spicy tuna 12.49
JS40. Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll * 5.99

Nigiri Sushi
(2 pcs for each order) (Sashimi 3 pcs $1.09 extra)
JN01. Inari Fried bean curd 3.99
JN02. Tamago Egg omelet 3.99
JN03. Kanikama Crab stick 3.99
JN04. Ebi Cooked shrimp 4.99
JN05. Tako Octopus 5.29
JN06. Ika * Squid 4.29
JN07. Saba Pickled Mackerel 4.99
JN08. Maguro * Tuna 5.99
JN09. Sake * Salmon 4.99
JN10. Smoked Salmon * 4.99
JN11. Hamachi * Yellowtail 5.69
JN12. White Tuna* Escolar 5.69
JN13. Unagi Water eel 6.29
JN14 Hokkigai Surf Clam 4.99
JN15. Hotategai* Scallop 5.99
JN16. Ikura * Salmon Roe 5.99
JN17. Tobiko * 4.99

(Served with Miso Soup and Salad)
JE01. Nigiri Regular *7 nigiri with California roll 15.99
JE02. Nigiri Deluxe * 9 nigiri with Sake roll 19.99
JE03. Sashimi Regular * 15 sashimi of chef choices with Sushi Rice 21.99
JE04. Sashimi Deluxe * 21 sashimi of chef choices with Sushi Rice 28.99
JE05. Tekka Don * Sliced tuna on vinegar rice 16.29
JE06. Sake Don * Sliced salmon on vinegar rice 15.29
JE07. Chirashi *Assorted fish on rice 15.29
JE08. Chopstick Rose Platter * Tuna sashimi, gold fish maki, spicy tuna hand roll 17.29
JE09. Love Boat * Amazing combination of 3 maki, 10 nigiri and 15 sashimi 47.99
JE10. Una Don Sliced eel on vinegar rice 16.99
JE11. Makimono Combo
a. Kappa Maki, Avocado Maki, Asparagus Maki 11.49
b. Tuna Maki, Sake Maki, Kani Maki * 13.49
c. Spicy Tuna Maki, California Maki, Una-Kyu Maki* 14.49
d. 3 California Roll (No Roe) * 13.49
e. Spicy Tuna Maki, Shrimp Tempura Maki, Alaska Maki * 14.49
f. California Maki, Alaska Maki, Un-Avo Maki * 14.49
g. California Maki, Shrimp Tempura Maki, Salmon Skin Maki * 14.49
h. California Maki, Alaska Maki, Tuna Maki * 14.49
i. Alaska Maki, Una-Kyu Maki, Tuna Maki * 14.49

*Substitutions may vary the price


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